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Frankoma Oklahoma Centennial Plate

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Recognized as an official Oklahoma Centennial Project, the Oklahoma Commemorative Plate is designed by artist Harvey Pratt. The design represents the history of Oklahoma and the diverse heritage of the people. It is made of the red earth of Oklahoma. The design is an Osage Tribal Shield over laid with the American Indian peace pipe and olive branch, representing peace among all people. Tied to the Shield are seven feathers representing the American Indians of Oklahoma. The shield is resting on a large Cheyenne Morning star. The American eagle sits on the shield representing the United States of America. Encircling the design are seventy-seven five pointed stars that also represent the counties of Oklahoma. The four scissor-tail flycatchers in flight around the design also reflect the cycle of life and the seasons of the year.

The plate is 10 1/2 inches and cobalt blue in color. A brief description of the design and the artist's signature are on the back of the plate. The plate is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and is made by Frankoma Pottery of Sapulpa, Oklahoma.  Now out of production, the plate is available in a limited quantity.

This design has also been selected by the Oklahoma Centennial Commission as the official design for the Oklahoma Centennial Pendleton Blanket.

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